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Apple was first to stand for customer rights when it came to privacy when others in Silicon Valley worked with advertisers so that they could track you everywhere any time. It wasn't the government that was Big Brother, it was Silicon Valley itself and these companies made billions selling your data over the years.


Apple has once again revamped its Privacy web pages to help current and future Apple customers understand just how high they set the privacy bar in the industry. It covers apps like the Safari browser, Apple Pay, the Messages app, Maps and more as illustrated below.


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2 XDFINAL privacy philosophy
2 XDFINAL privacy philosophy
2 XDFINAL privacy philosophy
2 XDFINAL privacy philosophy


Apple fans and curious techies can see that each of the Apple Privacy Cards  presented above can be expanded and to do so, visit Apple's new Privacy web page here for more details. 


Apple's Privacy page provides a navigation bar at the top that dives into "Features, Control, Transparency Report and Privacy Policy. Nothing is left to the imagination. It's plain English and to the point.


When making your next digital device purchase, remind yourself of the many privacy issues that matter to you and your family. Cheap products could lead to long term pain if your data or identification is hacked. Think Different, Think Privacy. 


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