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Apple has just unveiled a completely redesigned Everyone Can Code curriculum to help introduce more elementary and middle school students to the world of coding.


Now available, the new curriculum includes even more resources for teachers, a brand new guide for students and updated Swift Coding Club materials. Today millions of students in more than 5,000 schools worldwide already use Everyone Can Code curriculum to bring their ideas to life and develop important skills including creativity, collaboration and problem solving.


Additionally, starting today, learners around the world can register for thousands of free 'Today at Apple' coding sessions taking place in December at all Apple Stores to learn to write their first lines of code to celebrate Computer Science Education Week.


The new Everyone Can Code curriculum builds on existing interactive puzzles, guides and activities to make learning to code even more approachable and connected to students’ everyday lives.


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For more advanced learners including high school and college students preparing for the workforce, the Develop in Swift curriculum continues to give students the practical tools and techniques they need to qualify for high-demand and high-skill jobs. For more on this, read the full Apple press release here.


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