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A Bakersfield woman is outraged with the Valley Plaza Mall Apple Store, after an employee stole photos off her phone. The original Facebook post the woman put up has been shared over a thousand times and now there are investigations. The video report below explains the incident and Apple's reaction which was swift.


According to her Facebook post, Gloria Fuentes went into the Valley Plaza Apple Store on Monday.


Her phone screen was cracked and she wanted to get it fixed. Fuentes said a male employee took the phone and later gave it back.


When Fuentes got home she was petrified, someone sent a text from her phone to a number she didn't recognize.


Fuentes' wrote on Facebook, "And this picture was from almost a year ago so he had to have scrolled up for a while."


After hearing Fuentes' complaint Eyewitness News asked Apple what was being done.


A spokesman sent the following statement, "Apple immediately launched an internal investigation and determined that the employee acted far outside the strict privacy guidelines to which we hold all Apple employees. He is no longer associated with our company."


While the employee has been fired, this case isn't over. According the Bakersfield Police Department, there is an open, active investigation. So criminal charges may be on the table.



There's a full video report available on the news site that's worth watching if you have the time here. There was a technical glitch with the video coding that prevented us from including it in our report.


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