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On October 16 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung to Introduce a Second Foldable Smartphone Design that Reinvents the Classic Flip Phone using Next-Gen Thin Glass." A Korean report at the time stated that Samsung was preparing to release a second foldable smartphone design in 2020 that could be considered the reinvention of the classic flip phone/clamshell style of yesteryear that they've been patenting for years now (0102 and 03) with one set of patent figures shown below.


2 samsung flip phone


In August Patently Apple posted a patent report about Samsung Reinventing the Flip Phone to Fold in Different Configurations to Emphasize the Camera, Speaker or Display. The patent figures below are from that patent.


3 samsung reinventing the flip phone


The news that we covered weeks ago is now coming States side. Tonight CNN reports that Samsung "teased at its annual Samsung Developer Conference on Tuesday a mobile device with a "clamshell" form factor. In a video showed on stage, the Galaxy Fold smartphone transforms from a flip phone that opens vertically to one that expands horizontally.


Samsung didn't provide too many details on the concept, but a Samsung spokesperson confirmed it is 'working on advancing new foldable form factors and bringing a new foldable device to market.'"


Patently Mobile provides a Samsung Display Archive that reveals many foldable and scrollable form factors that Samsung has been working on. Whatever they introduce next year as a second folding style should be covered by their recorded patents.  


Update Oct 30, 2019 5:15 am PST:


The Korea Herald reported the following this morning: "Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics wowed spectators at its annual developer conference, SDC2019, held on Oct. 29 in San Jose, California, with a rendering image of what could be the firm’s next foldable smartphone.


Taking the stage at the conference, Jeong Hye-soon, head of the firm’s framework research and development unit, said the emerging foldable technology will continue to make devices more compact than before.


Jung stated that "A new form factor of a smartphone that Samsung is testing now can fit in your pocket, and it will change the way you use your phone," while introducing the rendering image of a clamshell-like smartphone on the stage as shown below.


1 Extra Samsung does show flip phone design as expected


Samsung didn't announce whether the newly unveiled foldable design would be adopted for its next-gen foldable smartphone, but it said it is one of the prototypes in the pipeline.


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