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Apple Files Trademarks for Afterburner & Apple Pro Display XDR

1 X Cover Afterburner for Mac Pro


Earlier today Apple filed for two trademarks in Europe relating to 'Apple Afterburner,' a key component for the new Mac Pro, first introduced at their WWDC 2019 conference in California in June. Apple also filed for the trademark 'Apple Pro Display XDR' filed in the U.S.


Afterburner and Apple Afterburner Trademark Filings


2 X - Apple Afterburner TM Filings in Europe


Apple filed their Afterburner trademarks under International Class 09 Covering:


"Computer hardware; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; wireless communication devices for the transmission of voice, data, images, audio, video and multimedia content; network communication apparatus; computer software; computer software for use in reviewing, storing, organizing and playing audio and video content; computer software for use in organizing, transmitting, manipulating, reproducing, processing, streaming, playing and reviewing audio, video, images and other multimedia content on digital electronic devices; application development software; downloadable pre-recorded audio, video and multimedia content; downloadable digital, audio, video and multimedia files and recordings featuring music, television, films, books, news, concerts, radio, sports, games, cultural events and entertainment-related and education programs; computer peripheral devices; parts and accessories for computers, computer peripherals, mobile telephones, mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic devices, smartwatches, smartglasses, earphones, headphones, audio and video players and recorders, televisions and set top boxes."


Trademark classes are important because the trademark registration will only protect Apple's trademark(s) in the classes that have been identified in their application.


3 x Apple working with RED and other heavy hitters in the film business


During the introduction of the new Mac Pro, they introduced Afterburner. Apple's Afterburner will be working with heavy hitters in film and gaming businesses like RED, Unreal Engine, SideFX and Avid.


In the video below that starts at the 3:06 mark, Patrick Southern, Lead Editor and Producer at LumaForge, points out Afterburner in the new Mac Pro. It's a brief part of his total overview of the Modular Mac Pro for Filmmakers.



Here's what RED’s president had to say about the new Mac Pro in context with Afterburner: "Apple’s new hardware will bring a mind‐blowing level of performance to Metal‐accelerated, proxy‐free R3D workflows in Final Cut Pro X that editors truly have never seen before. We are very excited to bring a Metal‐ optimized version of R3D in September." Read more of this review of Afterburner on Y.M. Cinema Magazine.


Apple Pro Display XDR




In-tune with Afterburner, Apple also filed for the trademark 'Apple Pro Display XDR' with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with a partial screenshot of the application below.




Apple filed it under International Class 009 covering "Computer Monitors." Apple asserts a claim of priority based on Liechtenstein application number 2019-290, filed 04/16/2019. Below is Apple's promotional video for their new display in an artsy-fartsy format that only uses 1/3 of the available video window.



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