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Apple Sued for Shortcuts app reportedly infringing Aftechmobile IP

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The non-practicing entity known as Aftechmobile sued both Apple and Salesforce on Friday in separate cases.  Aftechmobile or Aftech Mobile (reference 02) is the owner of the patent that lists Arshad Farooqi as the inventor.


Farooqi originally started a company called "Mobrise" back in 2012, the same year that happens to be noted in the current patent involved in this lawsuit against Apple. The deeper you investigate, the more it seems that Farooqi is behind both Mobrise and Aftechmobile. On Linkedin only two employees are listed.


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According to their lawsuit, "Apple has and is directly infringing at least one of the 28 claims of patent 10,133,558. Apple has made and sold and is making and selling the Shortcuts application, which, among other things, practices claims of the ‘558 patent."


For more on this infringement Complaint, review the full SCRIBD document below, courtesy of Patently Apple. A copy of the Aftechmobile patent is attached to the SCRIBD document below. 


Aftechmobile Inc v Apple - ... by Jack Purcher on Scribd


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