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Apple Prioritizes new Trademark for 'A13 Bionic' in Europe using Fast Track System and more

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Apple's A13 Bionic is the most powerful mobile processor on the planet. Apple's Kaiann Drance presented two slides yesterday during her iPhone 11 presentation.  One of them, as presented below, quotes Ben Thompson from his Stratechery pay-for newsletter stating: "The A12 is so far ahead of the industry that it will still be competitive with the best Android smartphones in two years." The second slide which we present in an earlier report of ours today showed how the A13 Bionic just took another leap ahead of Android phones.


2  X Quote from iphone 11 presentation


European Filing


Apple legal prioritized their 'A13 Bionic' trademark filing this morning in Europe under the EU Patent Office's "Fast Track" system as acknowledged on their public filing as shown below.


3 X A13 Bionic EU trademark filing


Apple filed their trademark in Europe under International Class 09 as follows:


"Computers; computer hardware; wearable computer hardware; handheld computers; tablet computers; mobile telephones; smart phones; smart watches; computer chips."


Hong Kong Filings


The trademark for 'A13 Bionic' was also filed with the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office under application number 305053266. They filed it under the very same International Class as they did in Europe with the very same verbiage.


In addition, Apple filed for three Chinese branded software applications as shown below. Unfortunately I have no idea what the three names translate to.


4  3 chinese TM's filed by Apple in Hong Kong Sept 11  2019

5 basic info hong kong tm filing sept 11  2019  Apple Inc


All three trademarks were filed under International Class 09, though restricted to "Computer software."


Trademark classes are important because the trademark registration will only protect Apple's trademark(s) in the classes that have been identified in their application.


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