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A recent UBS survey showed that over a third of consumers had a "reasonably high" interest in buying a folding smartphone, which the firm said is "particularly important for Apple" and its iPhone.


CNBC reports that a UBS analyst wrote in a note to investors that "Price remains the key hurdle in most consumers’ mind," though a premium of $US400 to $500 would be expected.


More importantly, "The survey indicates greater willingness to pay a premium (c. $600) and generally higher interest among Apple buyers for foldable products," UBS added.


While UBS stated that Samsung "dominates" intellectual property filings for folding display and device technologies, and the bank expects "Samsung will lead the way for foldable adoption as a smartphones vendor," Apple is steadily working on the technology and UBS believes a folding Apple product could come" in a year or two.  


UBS thinks the first folding Apple product is more likely to be an iPad than an iPhone. For more on this read the CNBC report.


Patently Mobile has covered Samsung's foldable and scrollable device patents since 2012 that you can review here. Patently Apple first covered a folding iPhone patent discovered in Europe back in January 2014. You could review the history of Apple's patents on folding and scrolling devices in our archives.


In respect to UBS mentioning a folding iPad, Patently Apple posted a report in mid-June titled "Apple is working on Foldable Devices and it wouldn't be Surprising to see Apple take on Lenovo with a Folding iPad Pro."


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