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This week Apple was sued by another patent troll by the name of Sentius International LLC. The patent troll currently has four active legal cases against tech companies including Apple and LG. The troll acquired patents RE43,633 and 7,672,985 from one time company Sentius Corporation in the hopes of making easy money. They're trolls; they don't make products of any kind.


According to a segment of their court complaint they state: "The Apple products accused of infringing the ‘633 patent provide a specific accused functionality (a/k/a "red squiggly" spell check feature) that identifies and marks misspelled words in a document and respectively links each misspelled word to at least one suggested correct spelling associated with the misspelled word from a spell check dictionary.


The accused functionality displays an image of the document text (with the misspelled word/s marked), allows a user to select a marked misspelled word for which the user wishes to see the suggested spelling corrections, and retrieves the linked suggested spelling from the spell check dictionary for that marked misspelled word, and displays the suggested spelling near the misspelled word."


Later in the complaint Sentius adds: "The Accused Online Applications such as Apple Pages and Keynote are online software platforms that allow customers to log in to their iCloud account and access 'Pages' or 'Keynote' document to review and make the changes on-the-go and share the revised and edited documents with other collaborators. Essentially, Pages and Keynote for iCloud offer full-fledged text editing platforms on the web which also offer spell checking functionality among other features which the users can make use of to perform spell checking and update their documents."


The litany of Apple products listed in the complaint covers a wide range of iPhones, iPads and Macs.


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For the record: Sentius International sued Microsoft in 2013 using four patents. One of the patents was RE43,633 that is used in this current lawsuit against Apple.


Side Note: The lawsuit lists Sentius International duly organized and existing under the laws of Virginia. The company with the technology listed in this lawsuit is Sentius Corporation, also Headquartered in Virginia. Yet Crunchbase lists Sentius Corporation being a technology and intellectual property licensing company headquartered in Palo Alto, California with 1-10 employees which is echoed by Zoominfo.


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