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Earlier today Samsung Electronics posted a press release to introduce their updated Galaxy Watch Active2, the newest addition to the Galaxy smartwatch portfolio – prior to their New York launch of the Galaxy Note 10 on Wednesday. Samsung's copycat ECG feature is built-into the watch but may not be promoted as the have yet to secure FDA approval.


As part of the Galaxy family, Galaxy Watch Active2 is purposefully designed with new, intuitive, and refined features to bring more customization to consumers’ personal lifestyles, enhance their health and wellness as well as enable seamless, connected living.


Samsung's specifications for the their new watch lists a "Heart Rate Monitoring (with 8 Photodiodes), Electrocardiogram (ECG)," though their marketing says nothing about it because Samsung didn't get the right U.S. FDA approval to promote it. It's a rushed addition to be sure – but useless as it can't be used at the moment.


The Galaxy Watch Active2 features a brand new upgrade to Samsung's signature rotating bezel—and turns it digital to make it even more convenient to navigate while maximizing the screen size. Now directly on the curved Super AMOLED screen, the rotating touch bezel turns both clockwise and counter-clockwise to advance screens so you can easily select favorite apps. Plus, the upgraded One UI offers a simple, clear and natural user experience for navigation.


The Galaxy Watch Active2 makes it easy to stay connected to your life, and your other devices, even while you’re away or on-the-go. The Galaxy Watch Active2 with LTE connectivity allows you to make and receive calls freely from the watch, while apps like social media viewers are accessible with just a tap of the finger, and offer more interaction with your content. Now you can like a social post, and even watch a short video clip right from your wrist. You can even travel across the globe with greater confidence, as Galaxy Watch Active2 now supports convenient real-time voice and text translation in over 16 languages.


Beyond a press release that you could view here, there's the Engadget review of the Galaxy Watch Active2 as presented below.



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