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Apple directly employs 90,000 employees in all 50 states today, putting the company on track to create 20,000 new jobs across the US by 2023.


Since Apple awarded Finisar $390 million as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Fund back in December, 2017, the manufacturer is on track to fill 500 full-time positions in Sherman, Texas, in addition to creating nearly 1,000 construction jobs. Finisar is expected to begin shipping lasers called VCSELs, used to power FaceID in the latest iPhones and iPads, in the coming months. Patently Apple covered Apple's investment in Finisar in three 2017 reports (01, 02 & 03).


Every year, Apple looks for new opportunities to expand its existing supplier relationships like they did with Finisar. This past June, Apple entered into an agreement with Broadcom Limited, a California company with a manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, to purchase high performance radio frequency modules and components.


Earlier this year in San Diego, Apple announced an expansion that will include 1,200 direct jobs and a new campus featuring hundreds of thousands of square feet of office, lab and research space. In Seattle, Apple will add 2,000 new employees in highly skilled engineering positions.


Thirty-three years ago, five friends sat down at a kitchen table in Tulsa, Oklahoma and decided to start a company. Among them: president of Maccor Andy MacKay and his wife Helen, who runs personnel. Today, less than a mile from that spot, Maccor now occupies 80,000 square feet of space and has earned itself a reputation as the top manufacturer of battery testing systems in the world.




Maccor is one of 9,000 American suppliers that Apple spent a collective $60 billion dollars with in 2018, which supports 450,000 jobs. Altogether, Apple is responsible for creating and supporting 2.4 million US jobs across all 50 states, four times the number of American jobs attributable to the company eight years ago. Apple is on pace to directly contribute $350 billion to the US economy by 2023, which the company announced in January of 2018.


“The relationship with Apple has been tremendous and company-changing for us,” says Andy. “We want to build the absolute best equipment we can build — we don’t want to cut corners. Apple is a company where quality is paramount and they push us constantly to see if we can make improvements in our commercial product.”


For more on Apple's investments in America, be sure to check out Apple's full press release.


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