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1 XFINAL - Apple Watch 4 WINS 15 DESIGN PATENTS HONG KONG 7-5-2019 - Patently Apple IP report 7-7-2019


Apple's design team went all out to protect the design of their 2018 Apple Watch with its larger display and re-engineered crown and on Friday the Hong Kong Patent office granted Apple 15 detailed designs for Apple Watch 4. The patents were submitted using various types of line art that is required by most patent offices around the world which includes Phantom Line; Hidden Line; and Boundary Line. Each of the styles are are explained in this report posted by the Patent Drawings Company.  


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures as you'll find below for the Apple Watch 4. No additional specifics of the designs are made available.


Apple Watch 4 Design Patent: 1802540.7M002


Our report covers three of Apple's fifteen design patents that provide the best overview of the Apple Watch 4 in detail with large graphics for your review.  The first design 1802540.7M001 covers the most patent figures and in large format covering every outer aspect seen of the Apple Watch from various angles.


2X Apple Watch 4 design patent 1802540.7M002
2X Apple Watch 4 design patent 1802540.7M002
2X Apple Watch 4 design patent 1802540.7M002
2X Apple Watch 4 design patent 1802540.7M002


The second patent, presented further below, covers a limited scope with fewer patent figures and the third design covers a pure line art in clean black and white figures. The remainder of the designs are listed but not detailed.


Granted Design Patent Form for Apple Watch 4


Considering that there are 15 design patents for Apple Watch 4, we'll only present you with a single granted design patent form issued by the Hong Kong Patent Office. The only change between the forms is the patent number that is assigned. Therefore only one of the 15 forms is presented below simply to establish certain criteria such as the date that the designs were granted and the Locarno Classification which in this case is 14-01, 02 and 03 for all.


6 SSx Hong Kong Granted Design Patent form for Apple Watch 1802540.7M002


The Classes that Apple filed the designs under are defined as follows: Locarno Class Specifics: 14-01: Equipment for the Recording or Reproduction of Sound or Pictures; 14-02; Data Processing Equipment as well as Peripheral Apparatus and Devices; 14-03: Communications Equipment, Wireless Remote Controls and Radio Amplifiers.


Apple Watch 4 Design Patent: 1802540.7M004


7X Apple Watch 4 design patent 1802540.7M004 - Second round of patent figures
7X Apple Watch 4 design patent 1802540.7M004 - Second round of patent figures


Apple Watch 4 Design Patent: 1802540.7M001


9.1 X3 Apple Watch 4 design patent 1802540.7M001 - Third round of patent figures

Apple Watch 4 Designs – The Remainder


The remainder of the Apple Watch design patents that were granted to Apple on Friday by the Hong Kong Patent Office are presented below. The Apple Watch designs cover line-art with each design patent emphasizing  a specific aspect of the watch that Apple wants protected.


For instance, design patent 1802540.7M013, not presented above in the patent figures, is specifically focused on the digital crown. In patent design 1802540.7M003, the design is focused on the metal case that contains components and supports the display. For the sake of brevity, we have only covered the patent figures that completely cover the totality of the design in black and white in two patents and one complete line art design covering the complete Apple Watch excluding the band.


9.99 x overview of apple watch series of 15 designs Hong Kong - Patently Apple IP report Jully 7  2019(Click on the Image above to slightly enlarge)


Note for Tech Sites covering our Report: We ask tech sites covering our report to kindly limit the use of our graphics to a single individual image. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. 


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