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Bankmycell is a company that analyzes all the trade-in and recycling programs on the market so that users can choose the best one for their needs. They show where users can get the best price for their device while also ensuring the recycling process is as easy as possible. A new study of theirs on the decline of iPhone trade-ins was based on a sampling of over 38,000 unique Apple iPhone users.  


Cutting to the chase, Bankmycell's study found that iPhone loyalty has fallen to its lowest point since 2011. Last year, iPhone retention was 92 percent and that has now fallen to 73 percent.


The survey further found that 26.2 percent of people trading in their iPhone X switched to a different brand such as Android. By comparison, a mere 7.7 percent of Samsung Galaxy S9 users opted for an iPhone when upgrading.


Out of all iPhone models, people trading in the iPhone 7 Plus were found to be the most loyal with 81.7 percent of them staying with Apple for their next smartphone purchase.


Below you'll find the historic iPhone upgrade loyalty chart covering 2011 to 2019 along with some interesting factoids from the study. 


2 X2 Final  BankMyCell chart iPhone Loyalty with stats


To review multiple charts and their full study, click here. According to the statistics based on their sample size and industry expertise I found it to be interesting. Of course you have to always keep the stats in context to it being limited to the trade-in market of this firm.


To extrapolate that the stats are a referendum on Apple iPhone user loyalty globally overall would be a huge mistake.


Bankmycell source their data from people who use their service and the company readily acknowledges that it does not represent total upgrade sales across channels like auction sites and carrier stores etc.


Perhaps you see it differently. Send in your comments below.


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