Apple granted two Design Patents Friday for Images Relating to Animoji Setup
Apple wins 2 Design Patents for Apple Store Shelving Units and the Figurative Trademark for 'Apple Music UP NEXT'

Apple won 8 more Design Patents covering Animoji Poses & Expressions for Ghost, T-Rex, & more

1 X Cover - 8 more Animoji Related Design Patents issued to Apple in Hong Kong  Patently Apple IP Report


Yesterday the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple a series of Design Patents for Animoji related graphics and more. More specifically, in this second and last design patent report of the day we cover two sets of four Animojis each. The first set presents four characters in three poses each. The second set presents four characters with each illustrating a range of expressions.


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with the design patent figures provided by the inventor(s).


Below are patent figures from 8 design patents that were granted to Apple by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office on Friday. The design patents are broken down into two distinct sets of four patents. One set covers 'Poses' while the other set covers 'Expressions.'  


Poses: Animoji Design Patents Covering Four Characters


Below are 4 Design Patents Covering four Animoji Characters with each presented in three distinct poses. The Characters include: Ghost (1802377.0M005), Koala (1802377.0M006), Tiger (1802377.0M007) and T-Rex (1802377.0M008).   


2 FF Apple Design Patents Granted in Hong Kong - Patently Apple IP Report

Expressions: Animoji Design Patents Covering Character Expressions


Below are 4 Design Patents Covering four Animoji Characters, with each presented with a range of Expressions. The four characters include: Ghost (1802377.0M001), Koala (1802377.0M002), Tiger (1802377.0M003), and T-Rex (1802377.0M004).




All of the Animoji related design patents presented above were filed under Locarno Class 14-04 which represents "Screen Displays and icons."


Apple has many more Animojis characters that they've yet to file design patents for including some of their most recent characters representing a Shark, owl, giraffe, and boar.


In 2018 Patently Apple posted a first round of Animoji design patents in two reports (01 & 02) covering the following characters: Alien, Rooster, Unicorn, Rabbit, Turd, Panda, Monkey, Piggy, Dog, Cat and Fox. 


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