Apple Granted First Apple News+ Patent Originally from Texture
Apple Wins Patent Related to Solar Panels originally invented by SolarCity, now owned by Tesla

Apple wins three Project Titan Patents covering a Faster Defrosting Solution Plus work on Vehicle Doors and Floors

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Apple has certainly been on a roll when it comes to winning Project Titan related inventions. In May Apple was granted three patents relating to various parts of a future vehicle system and today Apple was granted a series of three new patents in a single day.


Project Titan Patents granted to Apple in May


01: Apple won 51 Patents today covering 3D Fabric Items & Accessories, Vehicle Doors & Windows for Project Titan, more


02: Apple Wins Project Titan Patent for an Advanced Motion Control Vehicle Seating System


03: Apple Wins a Project Titan Patent Covering a new Suspension & High-End Haptics System to Improve Driver Situational Awareness


Three new Project Titan Patents Granted Today


#1: Passenger vehicle and door structure

#2: Vehicle floor and subassemblies thereof

#3: Glazed panel heating systems


#1 Passenger Vehicle and Door Structure: A passenger vehicle a vehicle body, a front door, and a rear door. The vehicle body comprises a forward base structure, a rearward base structure, and a floor structure extending between the forward base structure and the rearward base structure, which cooperatively define a passenger compartment and a continuous opening for a passenger to enter into and exit out of the passenger compartment. The front door is movable between a first closed position and a first open position. The rear door is movable between a second closed position and a second open position. When the front door is in the first closed position and the rear door is simultaneously in the second closed position, the continuous opening is closed cooperatively by the front door and the rear door. Apple Granted Patent 10,309,132


#2 Vehicle Floor and Subassemblies: Apple's patent notes that "A floor assembly for a passenger vehicle includes a lower floor assembly and an upper floor subassembly coupled to and positioned above the lower floor assembly. The lower floor assembly includes one or more compartments for containing one or more batteries. The upper floor subassembly is a sandwich structure composite. Apple Granted patent 10,308,290


#3 Glazed Panel Heating Systems: Apple's patent notes that "The various embodiments of the glass heating system described provide a faster defrosting solution for vehicle glass than is possible using HVAC-based defrost systems. The resulting defrost pattern can be better controlled in terms of uniformity, and the use of a glazed panel heating system does not negatively impact passenger comfort by diverting climate control resources. "Apple Granted patent 10,314,116


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