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Apple wins 2 Design Patents for Apple Store Shelving Units and the Figurative Trademark for 'Apple Music UP NEXT'

1 X cover jpeg Apple Music UP NEXT TM filing report


On Friday the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark office granted Apple two design patents for Apple Store shelving. Earlier in the month the Canadian Trademark Office issued Apple a registered trademark TMA1023538 for their figurative Apple Music UP NEXT trademark as presented in our cover graphic above.


Apple Music UP Next Registered Trademark (Canada)


For trademarks, Canada has adopted the "Nice Classification System." Apple filed their trademark in Canada under Nice Classes 38 & 41:


Nice Class 38: "Streaming and broadcasting of live and pre-recorded music performances, music videos, music and interviews featuring musical artists via the Internet; streaming and broadcasting of audio and content video via the Internet in the fields of news, sport, comedy, namely live comedy shows, comedic musical performances and comedy movies, drama, namely live dramatic performances and audio recordings of dramatic performances, music, music videos, television shows, and radio and television programming featuring musical artists; transmission and delivery of audio and video content namely, radio broadcasting services and audio-on-demand transmission services featuring musical artists."


Nice Class 41: "Entertainment services in the nature of development, creation, production, and distribution of musical artist video documentary series; entertainment services, namely providing music, interviews, live music performances, and videos featuring musical artists; entertainment services, namely, a musical artist video documentary program series featuring downloadable music, live music performances, interviews and music playlists distributed via websites and computer applications across multiple forms of transmission media namely, wireless computer and broadband networks, local area networks, wide area networks, global computer networks and the Internet."


As for Apple Music UP NEXT in the U.S., Patently Apple covered Apple's trademark filing on October 21, 2017. Apple's trademark became a registered trademark in the U.S. on November 13, 2018 under number 5,604,598. It was filed under International Class 41 which carries the same verbiage from Apple as the Nice Class 41 presented above.


Apple was granted a second registered trademark for this trademark under number 5,604,594 to cover Class 38 which covers verbiage close to the Nice Class 41 presented above.


Apple Store Shelving Units


Apple was also granted two Apple Store Design Patents for Shelving Units in Hong Kong on Friday under numbers 1802333.7M001 and 1802333.7M002 that are presented below.




The image below presents the Apple Store shelving unit that Apple won a design patent for. The image was found in this video covering the Apple Store in Dubai in the Mall of Emirates.


3 Apple Store Shelving unit shown in Dubai video


One of the Hong Kong Registered Design Patent forms


1 extra - one  Design Patent Form HK


The Design Patents were both filed under Locarno Class 20-02 covering "Display and Sales Equipment."


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