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In May 2016 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Rocks the Enterprise Market with New SAP Partnership to Revolutionize Work on the iPhone & iPad." At the time Apple's CEO stated: "This partnership will transform how iPhone and iPad are used in enterprise by bringing together the innovation and security of iOS with SAP's deep expertise in business software." Today it's being announced that SAP and Apple are teaming up to help clients develop their own mobile business applications using Apple’s machine-learning technology.


This will make it possible, with the help of augmented reality, to use iPhones or iPads for a range of business tasks, such as accurately stocking store shelves or machinery repairs.


Germany’s SAP partnered with Apple in 2016 to rebuild mobile apps for its existing product lines, including human resources and expense management, to run natively on Apple’s iOS operating system.


Native apps are developed specifically for the device’s hardware and software, meaning they run more smoothly than web or cloud-based apps designed to work across multiple platforms.


This alliance is now being expanded across SAP’s broader app portfolio, including areas such as procurement. It will also be possible to run the applications on Apple’s Mac computer range, the companies said in a joint statement.


“It’s come a long way and it has a lot further to go,” Cook said of the freedom that the technology creates for workers to do their jobs on the move.


For more, read the full Reuters report here. The press releases are not officially out yet.


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