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In March, Canada was getting closer to a right-to-repair law. A legislative bill was introduced to amend the Ontario's Consumer Protection Act, the first such bill in Canada. The bill was introduced by Michael Coteau a Liberal MPP which is the equivalent of the U.S. Democrat party. He brought the issue to light because of problems associated with a damaged Samsung phone. It's being reported today that a lobby group the represents Apple and other major tech companies pushed to defeat the bill.


The Canadian bill offered simple basics to force tech companies to:


  • Provide consumers or electronics repair shops with replacement parts, software and tools for diagnosing, maintaining or repairing their products, for a fair price.


  • Provide electronic documents such as repair manuals for free.


  • Reset any electronic security that may disable the device during diagnosis, maintenance or repair.


Considering that Apple's CEO is continually pushing "Corporate Values" in our face at every opportunity these days, it's simply amazing that he thinks that every one who owns an Apple product must get their repairs at Apple – or else.


Of course it's not a Canadian thing as it was reported earlier this week that an Apple lobbyist "sneakily pushed California to postpone its right-to-repair bill.


The Verge's report stated that "It seems an Apple lobbyist has quietly managed to get California to postpone its right-to-repair bill until 2020 at the earliest, partly by stoking fears of exploding batteries should consumers attempt to repair their iPhones."


Apple's Lisa Jackson wants to make the issue about Apple customers fixing complicated devices. No, the issue is Apple customers having the choice of going to a local smartphone repair shop of their choice to get a repair done. It's about ensuring that repair shops have the ability to get fair and timely access to Apple parts and manuals to ensure that the repair is done right for Apple customers and more.


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