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Apple was Issued 5 Registered Trademarks this Week while filing one for the Apple TV Remote App Icon

1 X Cover Patently Apple IP Report for 6 trademarks for May 10  2019


This week Apple was granted five Registered Trademarks covering the icons for Podcasts and Shortcuts along with others covering A12 Bionic®, Swiftshot® and iPod Touch®. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at times lists trademarks out of sequence date-wise and reviewing the list today it was evident that I had missed a new trademark filing back in March for their new 'Apple TV Remote' icon that's covered in this report. The icon is legally covered for the remote to operate a TV, Set Top Box, Home Automation Hub, Games and more.


New Registered Trademarks for Apple


2 X registered tradematrk icon for Podcast
2 X registered tradematrk icon for Podcast
2 X registered tradematrk icon for Podcast
2 X registered tradematrk icon for Podcast
2 X registered tradematrk icon for Podcast


Apple Files for Apple TV Remote Icon Trademark


7 X Apple TV Remote


Apple filed their trademark under Int'l. Class 09
Apple legal has chosen the scope of this class to cover the following:


"Computer software for controlling the operations of televisions, video monitors, set top boxes, audio, video, and media players and recorders, game players, entertainment systems, home theatre systems, home automation hubs, and consumer electronic devices and displays; computer software for voice command and recognition, for speech-to-text conversion, for personal information management, and for accessing, browsing, and searching online databases, audio, video, and multimedia content, games, software applications, software application marketplaces, program listings and guides, and video on demand."


Apple TV Remote Icon


8 X Apple TV Remote RTM icon - Patently Apple


Apple's Specimen of Use to USPTO

9 X Apple Specimen - Apple TV Remote - Patently Apple IP Report May 10  2019


11. 0F Apple IP News Bar



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