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1 XF Cover Unbox Therapy Host dumbs MacBook for keyboard problem.


In March, Patently Apple posted a report titled "After a Decade using a MacBook Exclusively, Unbox Therapy's Host Dumps it for a Windows Laptop." Unbox Therapy's host Lewis Hilsenteger slammed Apple's MacBook Air Keyboard that had a problem with its "e" key as noted in our cover graphic. That problem with the "e" key finally sent Hilsenteger over the edge, dumping his MacBook Air.


Our report ended stating: "With over 13 million dedicated followers, you would have thought that Apple would have paid attention to this problem and at least contact Hilsenteger to discuss the issue if not fix Hilsenteger's keyboard being that he's been a dedicated MacBook fan for a decade, just for good PR. It obviously didn't play out that way."  


Two months later and Apple is trying to remedy the problem. Reuters is reporting that Apple Inc said on Tuesday that it will repair typing-related problems in ‘butterfly’ keyboards for an expanded set of laptops, that include newer versions of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.


Reuters added that "The repairs would include fixing letters or characters that repeat unexpectedly, fail to appear, or keys that feel "sticky" and do not respond in a consistent manner." Review the list of MacBooks here that are eligible.


The company has come under criticism on social media and Apple-centric blogs and websites for the issues related to its keyboard."


The Verge added in their report that Apple said in a call with Apple today that it is using "new materials" in the switch mechanism that should significantly reduce the occurrence of double and missed key presses. It will ship on the new MacBook Pro 15-inch and MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar that it just announced.


The Verge added that "the company also declined to actually characterize what the new material is other than to say it "substantially reduces" the issue of double or missed key presses. The new design still counts as "third generation," aka the same keyboard that shipped on the new MacBook Air."


Lastly The Verge noted that "On today’s call, the company maintained that the Mac is still growing in an industry that is otherwise declining overall and that it is investing more in the Mac than ever before. That’s probably all true, but it won’t change the fact that many of its customers feel more radical solutions to the keyboard problem are called for. Today’s changes to its repair policies are good, but probably not enough.


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