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Prior to the Apple-Qualcomm Deal, Apple was rumored to be in talks to Acquire Intel's 5G Modem Division

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In a report earlier this month it was noted that "Apple supply-chain executive Tony Blevins said in his testimony in a Qualcomm-Apple trial that the company had looked into 5G chipsets produced by Samsung and MediaTek as part of an initiative called 'Project Antique' because it didn't want to rely on a single vendor. "The entire concept of Project Antique was to find a second supplier," Blevins testified. "No offense to [Intel] but we don't want to be single-supplier with them."


Yet shortly after Apple signed an exclusive deal with Qualcomm for 5G chipsets. What ever happened to we don't want a single supplier for 5G modems? I guess it only applied to Intel: Sllll-ap! It was a vote of no confidence in Intel.


While a rumor surfaced in February from Reuters that Apple was beginning to build a team to develop its own 5G modems, we're now learning from CNBC that Apple may have actually been in talks with Intel to acquire their 5G modem division so that they would be able to control the direction of their future 5G modem architecture, and more importantly, its scheduling.


For me at least, the Wall Street Journal's report sounded rather wishy-washy and read more like they were trying to help Intel save face – because there wasn't much meat on the bones of that rumor.  


In the bigger picture, consumers are also frustrated with how Intel has been unable to keep their promises of delivering a 10nm chip for desktop computers. Years have gone by and while we wait for Intel to finally deliver, AMD will be delivering their new 7nm processors late next month. One talks while the other delivers.


To make matters worse, Intel was supposed to deliver its long delayed 10mn chip for desktops in Q4 and now Wccftech reports that the delay could now extend to 2021-2022. PC fans are hoping that the reporter got the story wrong.


While Intel is reportedly still on track to deliver a 10nm chip for notebooks later this year, desktop users are going to be out of luck again. If AMD doesn't drop the ball next month, there could be a new sheriff in town by the end of the year on the desktop front.


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