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Apple acquired LuxVue back in 2014 and many patents under "Apple" have been filed and granted. Last year Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Supplier Foxconn Invests Deeper into Micro LED Display Technology." By the end of 2018 Foxconn was to be the largest shareholder in Epileds who began to develop micro-LED products in their new plant. Last year a European patent filing from Apple revealed that Apple was working on an 8K foveated micro-display for a mixed reality headset and future heads-up display for Project Titan.


Today, a supply chain report states that the Foxconn Group has continued to deepen its deployments in micro LED technology through a multi-pronged approach in order to win micro-LED backlit display orders from Apple for its next-generation iPhone devices.


Foxconn has had three of its subsidiaries - Advanced Optoelectronic Technology (AOT), Epileds Technologies, and Marketech International - develop and build up their capacities related to the production of micro LED chips and production equipment, said the report.


AOT, which has been keen to develop both mini and micro LED technologies, boasts the capability of producing LED BLUs for 8K panels and flip-chip packaging process for the production of mini LED chips.


AOT is also developing micro LED devices for applications including monitors, notebooks, automotive and digital gaming devices, said the report.


Epileds, which produces LED epitaxial wafers and LED chips, is one of a few Taiwan-based LED companies that are proficient in the production of RGB mini LED chips, and the RGB technology is also essential for the development of micro LED products.


LCD equipment supplier Marketech has announced it has completed a collaborative effort with Belgium based nano-electronic center, Imec, for developing testing chip implantation equipment for micro LED manufacturing.


Imec has delivered the testing chip implantation equipment to clients, and the Imec-Marketech team has also received orders for mass transfers of LED chips, said the report.


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