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Canada Likely to take Facebook to Court over the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that broke Provincial and Federal Laws

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Canada's federal privacy watchdog wants to take Facebook to court following an investigation that found the social media giant broke a number of privacy laws and failed to take responsibility in protecting Canadians' personal information, the CBC reports.


Federal Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien and his B.C. counterpart, Michael McEvoy, joined forces last spring to investigate the roles of Facebook and the Canadian company AggregateIQ in the scandal involving the British firm Cambridge Analytica.


It is accused of harvesting data of more than 50 million Facebook users worldwide to create social media strategies to support U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign.


The privacy commissioners say Facebook broke a number of federal and B.C. laws, including:


  • Unauthorized access.
  • Lack of meaningful consent from "friends of friends."
  • No proper oversight over privacy practices of apps.
  • Overall lack of responsibility for personal information.


Facebook disputes their investigation.


The company also refuses to implement recommendations to address deficiencies, said the watchdogs.


Therrien added: "The stark contradiction between Facebook's public promises to mend its ways on privacy and its refusal to address the serious problems we've identified — or even acknowledge that it broke the law — is extremely concerning."  


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The Canadian TV network news report added: "If we go before the Federal Court, it will be able to order Facebook to change its practices," Daniel Therrien said in a news conference Thursday." For more on this read the full CTV report here.


Reuters added: "Facebook Inc. broke Canadian privacy laws when it collected the information of some 600,000 citizens, a top watchdog said on Thursday, pledging to seek a court order to force the social media giant to change its practices."


Earlier this month Canadian Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould, said the Canadian government might have to regulate Facebook and other social media companies unless they do more to help combat foreign meddling in this October’s (Canadian) election."


Even with more bad news, Facebook rose close to 6% today after beating the street with their latest financials.


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