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1 X Cover - two Apple pencil granted patents reveal new features in the works  Patently Apple IP Report


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published two newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today that cover new possible features coming to Apple Pencil.  One of the features is a new haptics system built into Apple Pencil that is shown to work in sync with an iPhone.


In Apple's patent background they note that iDevices can provide an immersive multimedia user experience when used in interaction with an electronic stylus. Despite advancements in software to render the user's inputs and commands more accurately at the touch screen, the touch screen is unable to fully render the user's inputs due to limitations in the hardware of the electronic stylus. Accordingly, there is a need to improve upon the user's multimedia experience by implementing flexible contact members at the electronic stylus.


Apple's granted patent 10,268,273 basically covers two new major features for Apple Pencil as highlighted below


#1: New Apple Pencil Haptics in Sync with iPhone


Apple's patent FIGS. 2A, B & D illustrate cross-sectional views of touch sensitive devices that include an axial haptic feedback component. The illustration clearly illustrates an iPhone being able to be in sync with this next-gen Apple Pencil.


2 Apple Pencil granted patent figs 2a  2b  2d for features yet to come  with iPhone  Patently Apple IP Report Apr 23  2019


#2: New Swappable Tips with Brush Option for Artists


Apple's patent figures below illustrate Apple Pencil having swapped out the standard tip or distal for one that is an artist's brush.


3 Swappable tips with brush option  FIGS 25  27A  28A  PATENTLY APPLE IP REPORT APR 23  2019


More specifically, Apple's patent FIG. 27A above shows a swapped tip with a plurality of strands (#2712)  that are included at a distal end of the touch sensitive device 2700. Each strand (#2712) is substantially elongated.


Moreover, each strand is substantially similar in length, width, shape, size, and the like. In this configuration, each strand can be characterized as having a similar cross-sectional area. In addition, each strand can be comprised of similar flexible and elastic materials.


Apple filed for this patent back in May 2017 and granted today by USPTO. The granted patent is packed with details and well over 100 illustrations that you could review here.


Inventors: Dinesh Mathew, Director of Product Design; Sridhar Sundaram, Senior Director, Product Integrity; and Kevin Keeler, Reliability Engineering Manager who now works for Oculus VR


Generating Deformation Feedback


In a second granted patent for Apple Pencil issued to Apple today we see that it deals with generating deformation feedback.


In Apple's patent FIGS. 8A-8B and 9A-9B below you're able to see cross-sectional views of Apple Pencil being able to have its tip or distal bend when force touch is applied to the tip.


4 Apple Pencil  force touch sensitivity allow for tip bending figs 8ab  9ab  Patently Apple IP report apr 23  2019


Apple further notes that the user can select "Force Adjust" from a menu of options. The list of options include: 1) soft; 2) medium; or 3) hard. Each force adjustment option is associated with a different type of deformation feedback.


In some embodiments, the "Force Adjust" option can be performed in conjunction with a sensor of the touch sensitive device 1910. For example, the sensor 260 can be configured to detect an amount of force that is applied against the touch screen panel.


Apple filed for this patent back in May 2017 and it was granted today under number 10,268,288 by USPTO. The granted patent is packed with details and dozens of illustrations that you could review here.


Inventors: Alex Lehmann, Product Design Engineer, Finite Element Analyst; Paul Wang, Architect, Product Design; and Joel Ruscher, Production Development.


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