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17.4A Patent Infringement


LBS Innovations, LLC ("LBS"), filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple on Friday, the second such filing that day. The company is a patent troll whose sole existence is focused on suing technology companies as this list proves out. They've sued Nokia, Waze, Foursquare and others. The company acquired a patent for the purpose of suing Apple over the use of the Apple Maps App on iDevices from at least 2012. The company also notes in their complaint that "Apple has cited patent 6,091,956 as relevant prior art in over 60 of its own patent filings and has had knowledge of the ’956 Patent since at least 2009."


2 patent used to sue apple with


For more details, read the full LBS Innovations complaint before the court, courtesy of Patently Apple.


   LBS Innovations v Apple, Patent Infringement Case, Patently Apple Report by Jack Purcher on Scribd




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