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Apple Published their 2019 Environmental Responsibility Report today Covering their work on Renewable Materials, Low-Carbon Designs & much more

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This week Apple published two videos (01 & 02) on the power of nature with the theme of don't mess with Mother Earth. Today Apple has published their Environmental Responsibility Progress Report 2019 (covering 2018) that describes how they're working diligently to make their products Eco-friendlier and much, much more.


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Lisa Jackson notes in Apple's report that "Creating powerful solutions to push humanity forward takes relentless innovation. Resolving to do this without taking precious resources from the planet means holding ourselves and our suppliers to ever higher standards. We know that accomplishing this work will require all of our best efforts. At Apple, we are committed to building groundbreaking products and services with the mission to leave our world better than we found it."


The full report is presented below in a Scribd document courtesy of Patently Apple.


   Apple Environmental Responsibility Report 2019 by Jack Purcher on Scribd


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