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A year ago exactly Patently Apple posted a report titled "Bingo! Apple Hires Google's AI Chief, a move that should translate into Siri Catching up with Leading Digital Assistants." One year later and the new headline is Apple hires Ian Goodfellow who is listed on LinkedIn as "Director" of Machine Learning in the Special Projects Group. He was a "Senior Staff Research Scientist" at Google.


Goodfellow had also worked at OpenAI, an AI research consortium originally funded by Elon Musk and other notables.


CNBC reports that "Goodfellow is the father of an AI approach known as general adversarial networks, or GANs. The approach draws on two networks, one known as a generative network and the other known as a discriminative network, and can be used to come up with unusual and creative outputs in the form of audio, video and text.


Goodfellow got his Ph.D. at the University of Montreal in 2014, and since then he has worked at OpenAI and Google. At OpenAI he was paid more than $800,000, according to a tax filing. His research is widely cited in academic literature.


At Google Goodfellow did work around GANs and security, including an area known as adversarial attacks. People working on AI at Apple have previously done research that drew on the GAN technology."


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