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Google Declines to Remove Saudi App 'Absher' from Google Play and Apple's Response to US Inquiry deemed Unsatisfactory

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Close to a year ago Apple's CEO and team met with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss various projects such as education and perhaps Apple Pay which began to roll out with Saudi banks last month. Then late last year all hell broke loose when the murder of Khashoggi came to light with the media pointing to a connection directly to the Crown Prince.


2 Cover Apple CEO with Crown Prince of


Flash forward to February 8th when two human right groups loudly accused Apple and Google were assisting the Saudi government enforce gender apartheid with an app that tracks women and stops them from leaving the country.


Left wing radical groups are famous for throwing out irrational accusations into the wind to work up a frenzy in the media like fishermen throwing chum into the water to bring frenzied  sharks to a boat for a film or documentary.


The human rights group later toned down the rhetoric to say that "Apps like this one can facilitate human rights abuses, including discrimination against women." But an ex-Muslim critic continued to state that Apple and Google were "facilitating the most archaic misogyny" and help the Saudi government to enforce "gender apartheid."


The outrageous commentary caught the eye of radical Democrat Senator Ron Wyden who didn't investigate the matter and yet "demanded" that Apple and Google remove the Saudi app called "Absher" immediately.


Our report concluded that Apple would carefully and rationally think the matter out before yanking the app so as to not jeopardize their business deals in progress.


Yesterday Google announced that it wouldn't pull the controversial Saudi government app from their online store.  


3 x Saudi Crown Prince with co-founder of Google


Late yesterday Business Insider reported that Google has officially declined to remove from the Saudi government app from its app store. The decision was communicated by Google to the office of Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat who, with other members of Congress, wrote last week to demand they remove the service.


4X  Jackie Speier


Rep. Speier and 13 colleagues in Congress wrote to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook on February 21, demanding that the app be removed. They and gave a deadline of Thursday 28 February to explain why the app is hosted on Google Play.


Rep. Speier told INSIDER: "The responses received so far from Apple and Google are deeply unsatisfactory."


The same US government group that forced Apple to remove the Living Hope Ministry app in December 2018 stated that they will follow up on the matter which will likely lead to Apple and Google being forced to remove the apps from their respective stores. Stay tuned, there's likely more news on this to follow. For more on this current story, click here.

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