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Apple Files for 'Smart Keyboard Folio' and 'Smart Folio' Trademarks in the U.S., Hong Kong and Europe

1 x Cover Smart Keyboard Folio


With Apple's new 2018 iPads came new accessory branding. Apple's Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro was rebranded 'Smart Keyboard Folio' while the smaller iPad's Smart Cover was rebranded 'Smart Folio.' Apple has filed for these trademarks in the U.S., Hong Kong and Europe.


Smart Keyboard Folio


Apple filed for this trademark under #88303935 in the USA, under #304832019 in Hong Kong and #018023950 in Europe.


Apple filed their trademark under International Class 9 in the US covering: "Accessory for a handheld mobile digital electronic device that functions as a protective and decorative case and a stand and incorporates a keyboard; cases adapted for computers; covers for tablet computers."


In Hong Kong China, Apple filed their trademark under International Class 09 in Hong Kong covering: "Covers and cases for computers, tablet computers, and computer keyboards; accessories for computers, namely, computer stands."


In Europe, Apple filed their trademark under two International Classes as follows:


International Class 18 covering: "Cases; attaché cases; business card cases; business cases; calling card cases; catalog cases; credit card cases; document cases; key cases; train cases; overnight cases; cases, namely, vanity, toiletry, cosmetic and lipstick cases sold empty; bags; all-purpose sports and athletic bags; beach bags; book bags; carry-on bags; cosmetic bags sold empty; duffel bags; garment bags for travel; leather and mesh shopping bags; overnight bags; school bags; school book bags; shoe bags for travel; shoulder bags; souvenir bags; suit bags; tote bags; travel bags; wallets; purses; credit card holders.


International Class 09 covering: (Click on image below to view full class overkill coverage)


2 class 9 in EU for smart keyboard folio TM  Apple  Patently Apple report mar 4  2019


Smart Keyboard Folio USA Specimen to USPTO


3 x smart keyboard folio  USA specimen provided to USPTO


Smart Folio


Apple filed for this trademark under # 88303782 in the USA, under # 304832000 in Hong Kong and #018023951 in Europe. The trademarks were filed under the same classes and with the same verbiage as presented for smart keyboard folio.


Smart Folio USA Specimen to USPTO


4 x specimen US Smart Folio


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