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1 XF Cover Unbox Therapy Host dumbs MacBook for keyboard problem.


Earlier this year Unbox Therapy's host Lewis Hilsenteger slammed Apple's MacBook Air Keyboard that had a problem with its "e" key. That problem with the "e" key finally sent Hilsenteger over the edge. He's officially a switcher to Window. He said the switch was actually painless and should have done it earlier.



For sure people have the right to switch to whatever system that happens to work for their needs or desires if a particular design turns them on. The problem I had with Hilsenteger's Road to Damascus conversion is that he decided to make such a big deal out of the ugly Lenovo Thinkpad.


In his video he even goes out of his way to point out what he already doesn't like about the Thinkpad X1 Extreme. Hilsenteger says: "It's not the brightest display in the world but I live with it; I even lived with the chin; I lived with the inferior trackpad when compared to the MacBook; I lived with bizarre button placement; I live with the weird location of the fingerprint scanner."


But then out of nowhere, Hilsenteger goes all la-la-land on us about the magical keyboard that he claims gave him a sense of "euphoria."


How can anyone, let alone experienced Hilsenteger, put out a nonsensical "testimony" with ridiculous theatrics like this?


I like Hilsenteger's (comedy) review show, I do at times. I even presented his report on Samsung's disastrous Face Unlock this morning that proves that point. But on this occasion he fell off a cliff a little here dinging his credibility with fair minded techies.


It's as if Lenovo gave Hilsenteger a little incentive to push their notebook, but then again I'm a skeptic this time around.  


On the flip side, most switchers do so because of a bad experience in one way or another with a product or from rude sales or service personnel. I get that. I've dumped a few companies over time myself on those grounds. For Hilsenteger, it was the MacBook Air's Keyboard problem that pushed him over the edge.


With over 13 million dedicated followers, you would have thought that Apple would have paid attention to this problem and at least contact Hilsenteger to discuss the issue if not fix Hilsenteger's keyboard being that he's been a dedicated MacBook fan for a decade, just for good PR. It obviously didn't play out that way.  


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