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Apple Reveals the Top Photos from their 'Shot on iPhone Challenge' and some of them are Really Great

1 x Cover raccoon


Apple has announced that iPhone photographers around the world have shared their best photos for the Shot on iPhone Challenge, capturing remarkable moments with the world’s most popular camera.


The 10 selected winners will be featured on billboards in select cities, in Apple retail stores and online. The winning shots came from a range of models, from iPhone XS Max to iPhone 7, showcasing the quality of cameras across the line.


The top 10 winners came from countries including Singapore, Germany, Belarus, Israel and the US, highlighting the global community of iPhone photographers that participated. These photos capture colorful city scenery, curious animals, creative reflections, the beauty of the ordinary and more.


Some of the photos that I personally found interesting are presented below starting with one by Blake Marvin (US), using an iPhone XS Max.


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2 Raccoon looking through log


One of the judges, Austin Mann says: "This image took a lot of patience and great timing … with the iPhone’s zero shutter lag and Smart HDR, we’re able to see both the raccoon’s eyes and the deep shadows inside the log … something that would have previously been nearly impossible with natural light.”


Phil Schiller says: "The stolen glance between this raccoon/thief and photographer is priceless, we can imagine that it is saying ‘if you back away slowly no one has to get hurt.’ A nice use of black and white, the focus on the raccoon and the inside of the hollow log provides an organic movement frozen in time."


I say it's Blakes pet Raccoon having fun with his master. Ha!


My next favorite photo was taken  by Darren Soh (Singapore), using his iPhone XS Max.  Apple judge Chen Man says: "Distortion and reflection at a strange angle — this photo creates a fantastic feeling."


3 Apple-Shot-on-iPhone-Challenge-winners-Darren-Soh


Next up is a photo from Dina Alfasi (Israel) using his iPhone X. Apple judge Brooks Kraft says: "A unique perspective and a new take on the popular subject of shooting reflections. I like that the subject is evident, but you are not really sure how the photo was taken. The puddle is the shape of a heart, with nice symmetry of the subject. The depth of field that iPhone has in regular mode made this image possible, a DSLR would have had a difficult time keeping everything in focus."


4 Apple-Shot-on-iPhone-Challenge-winners-Dina-Alfasi Street puddle heart


My last favorite is one from Andrew Griswold (US) shot on his iPhone XS. Apple judge Sebastien Marineau-Mes says: "Very unique composition and color palette, playing to the strengths of iPhone XS. What I find most interesting is the background pattern, uniquely magnified and distorted in every one of the water droplets. I’m drawn to studying and trying to elucidate what that pattern is."


5 rain on window


Patently Apple congratulates all of this year's photo winners. To view the other six photos in Apple's top 10, be sure to check out Apple's full press release here.


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