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Lenovo is Considering a Desktop Pro Tablet

1 cover Lenovo desktop tablet


Lenovo is one of the top two PC companies and a recent design patent issued to them by the U.S. Patent Office illustrates that they're considering a new tablet-styled desktop PC. Considering it's a design patent, there are no details to dive into to figure out if this new design will support Chrome, Windows or both operating systems.


The new design would redefine what a "Pro" tablet should be. How big is big? The patent doesn't give us that information, but the designs do give the impression that it's likely to be larger than Apple's iPad Pro.


It's an interesting idea being that Apple could be thinking of an ARM based PC device in the future and this kind of design could be one of many form factors that could be on the table.  




Lenovo (Beijing, China) was granted this design patent on Christmas Day 2018.


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