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A patent lawsuit filed by Qualcomm Inc against Apple Inc was thrown out by a German court on Tuesday, in a reversal for the U.S. chipmaker after it won a recent court ban on the sale of some iPhones in the country.


Reuters is reporting that the regional court in the city of Mannheim dismissed the Qualcomm suit as groundless in an initial verbal decision, saying the patent in question was not violated by the installation of its chips in Apple’s smartphones.


Qualcomm, waging a worldwide patent battle with Apple, said it would appeal after winning a separate case before a court in Munich in December that enabled it to enforce a ban on the sale of older iPhones in Germany.


Whiny Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s executive vice president and general counsel said that "Apple has a history of infringing our patents," even though a Munich Court Threw out another Qualcomm patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in October.


 “While we disagree with the Mannheim court’s decision and will appeal, we will continue to enforce our (intellectual property) rights against Apple worldwide.”


In respect to the FTC vs Qualcomm case now in progress in California, if the government prevails in the trial Qualcomm could be forced to change its practices for licensing a trove of patents to device makers like Apple.


Apple is closely watching the FTC case, as it has its own pending lawsuit making similar claims against Qualcomm later this year.


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