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Two Video Reports: Marques Brownlee's 2018 Smartphone Awards Show & Unboxed Therapy Reviews a Flame Thrower

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Smartphone Awards 2018


The first of two video reports that we're covering in this report is one from Marques Brownlee titled "Smartphone Awards 2018!" While Brownlee is a well-respected product reviewer, Apple fans may not agree with his ratings for the new iPhones, but all-in-all it was interesting to see how Chinese phone makers dominated the awards for 2018.


You could watch the entire awards video below or just jump to the categories that interest you most. The category is followed by the time stamp you'll find it at in the video:


Top Big Phones 0:53; Best Compact Phones 2:33; Best Cameras 4:26; Best Battery Life 5:54; The Design Award 7:42; Top Budget Phones 9:13; Biggest Bust 10:39; Most Improved 11:33; and MVP at 12:49.



Flame Thrower by 'The Boring Company'


"The Boring Company" is an infrastructure and tunnel construction company founded by Elon Musk in 2016. The Boring Company is a subsidiary of SpaceX. The company has many projects underway and you could check out their photo gallery here.


One specific project, that's an oddball to be sure, is that manufacturing a flamethrower that sold 20,000 units. For what – torture? I don't really buy into roasting marshmallows theory.


California tried to regulate the device and failed. The company called it "Not a Flamethrower" to avoid transportation problems. In a state with so many deadly fires, you have to wonder what the heck was Elon Musk thinking of?


Today, Unboxed Therapy got to play with it and you could check out the video report below.



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