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Back in December 2016 Patently Apple reported that "A family grieving the death of their young daughter wanted Apple to be held accountable for encouraging distracted driving with its FaceTime app, in a lawsuit filed Friday in Santa Clara County Superior Court.


James and Bethany Modisette claim the tech giant and smartphone manufacturer had the patent for a safer version of its 'FaceTime' video calling app, but elected to make the less safe version available with the iPhone 6 – ultimately resulting in the death of their daughter."


Flash forwarding to today it's being reported by the BBC that the Apple FaceTime car crash lawsuit has now been dismissed. The Appeals court upheld the decision made in May of this year that concluded that Apple "did not owe the Modisettes a "duty of care" which in tort law is a legal obligation.  


It said it was not up to the tech giant to take responsibility for actions of individuals using its applications.


The ruling determined the Modisettes "cannot establish that Apple's design of the iPhone constituted a proximate cause of the injuries they suffered." For more on this read the full BBC report here.


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