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According to LinkedIn, the co-founder and CEO of Mango Health is now on Apple's Health Team. The Mango Health app is designed to help people track their medications. We learned just yesterday that Apple has a patent-pending health related invention that comprises of a system that includes user interfaces to facilitate cooperative health management. The patent figures show that there's a provision for taking medications. So it's pretty clear that Oberfest will be assisting Apple expand on that part of their system with his expertise as the CNBC report supports.


CNBC's report notes that "One of the people familiar with his move said that Oberfest will look into opportunities for Apple in the medication adherence space, meaning helping people take their medicines on time."


The report  speculates that "Oberfest's experience would fit into Apple's existing initiatives, including its Apple Watch, which is focused on behavior change, and is health software services, like HealthKit and ResearchKit."


Oberfest's expertise working with government agencies such as the FDA may assist Apple expedite processes and projects to get to market on time.


Jason Oberfest's LinkedIn profile shows that he officially joined Apple in September.



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