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IDC published a wearables market forecast out to 2022. Of course any new wearables surprise in the market, like Apple introducing smartglasses can't be factored into such analysis from IDC. So it's an interesting forecast that has to play it safe. With that said, IDC still sees Apple's watchOS dominating the wearables market for the next five years though its lead will erode over that timeline. 


The report specifically notes that "Among the smart wearable operating systems, watchOS will remain in the lead although its share will decline from 44.4% in 2018 to 35.8% in 2022 as other platforms gain traction. The second largest OS is expected to be Android with 22.4% share in 2022."


The report further added that "WearOS, as the open-source platform, will capture 19.8% share in 2022 as additional vendors begin to offer products and as the platform catches up to competitors in terms of features.


The remainder of the smart wearables landscape will be comprised of smaller platforms and vendors although IDC anticipates Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin to dominate with their proprietary platforms."




For more details, read the full IDC report here.


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