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Last Thursday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Australia Passes their Anti-Encryption Law which is likely to create Sparks in Silicon Valley." If anything, Silicon Valley is predictable and late this afternoon TechCrunch reported that Apple, Google and Microsoft under the "Global Government Surveillance Reform" rebuked the anti-encryption law passed last week.


The coalition stated that "The new Australian law is deeply flawed, overly broad, and lacking in adequate independent oversight over the new authorities." The tech companies added that the law would "undermine the cybersecurity, human rights, or the right to privacy of our users."


The report added that "the law allows Australian police and the intelligence agencies wide-reaching powers to issue “technical notices” — essentially forcing companies and even websites operating in Australia to help the government undermine encryption or insert backdoors at the behest of the government. Critics argue that there’s little oversight, potentially allowing abuse of the system. And because the notices will almost always be issued with a gag order, any technical notices are served behind closed doors in secret.


Companies that refuse to comply with the demands in a technical notice can be served heavy financial penalties." You could read more about it here.


While this group claims that the law is against human rights and/or the right to privacy of their users, in reality the law is against the right to privacy for terrorists, organized criminals, human traffickers, child molesters and scum of the earth who don't deserve these rights and didn't prior to the cyber age.   


While cybersecurity is needed to ensure financial transactions for everyday consumers are safe, mixing this in with issues to protect rights for criminals is not supported by law abiding citizens outside of Silicon Valley and California in general.


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