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Apple has been sued for Patent Infringement by a Company from Ireland using acquired patents from Sony

17.3 Patent Infringemeent


Apple is being sued for patent infringement by Data Scape Limited of Ireland, who has 4 shareholders. As small as they are, they acquired 5 Sony patents solely for the purposes of suing Apple.   


The lawsuit claims that Apple's infringing products and services include, without limitation, Apple iCloud, Apple iTunes and the Apple devices on which they operate (e.g. iPhone, MacBook, iPad), and all versions and variations thereof since the issuance of the ’929 Patent (“Accused Instrumentalities”).


The Five Acquired Sony Patents that Apple Allegedly Infringes


7,720,929 - Communication system and its method ...

7,617,537 - Communication system and its method ...

9,380,112 - Communication system and its method ...

9,712,614 - Communication system and its method ...

7,239,469 - Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method ...


2 X2 Data Scape - uses sony patent to sue apple with


For all of the details of the lawsuit, review the Scribd document provided below courtesy of Patently Apple.


Data Scape Sues Apple Dec 2... by Jack Purcher on Scribd


2. apple sued court info


10.4 - Patently Legal


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