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Unbox Therapy Reviews MacBook Air and iPad Pro while iJustine Proves that Gold Products are the Ultimate for Blondes

1 Xx cover iJustine MacBook Air in Gold


This week there were video reviews of the iPad Pro and MacBook Air from Unbox Therapy and the MacBook Air in Gold from iJustine. It's pretty clear from iJustine's love for the gold Apple Watch band, iPhone XS Max and MacBook Air that gold is the ultimate color for blondes over space grey hands down. 


MacBook Air Review


Although Unbox Therapy comes across and an Apple hater, the fact is that he and the key personnel in his studio all use MacBooks of one kind or another personally and professionally. 



iPad Pro Review


Lewis Hilsenteger, owner and host of Unbox Therapy loves a lot about the iPad Pro. Lewis points out the insane refresh rate being addictive, Apple Pencil's wireless charging and magnetics, the great sound out of the 12.9" version being better than any notebook and much more. The "artist" testing out the iPad Pro was soooo bad that it had to have been some kind of off-beat humor. 



MacBook Air Gold: The Ultimate Color for Blondes



2 iJustine  MacBook Air in Gold  the ultimate color for blondes
2 iJustine  MacBook Air in Gold  the ultimate color for blondes


10.0 Apple News Bar


Surprise: Unbox Therapy Host Lewis Hilsenteger is a MacBook user


4 lewis hilsenteger a MacBook user


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