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Two Apple Gurus Face-Off on what we can Expect to See Rollout at the Apple Event on Tuesday

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The two main Apple Gurus that love to make predictions of what to expect at Apple events are Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kou. Gurman has contacts at Apple and Kuo has contacts in the supply chain. Below are their predictions along with a few notes and comments of my own.  


Mark Gurman


  • "Nearly edge-to-edge screens with slimmer, symmetrical bezels like the latest iPhones." This has been reported on for the longest time. Patently Apple first wrote about this in November 2017 with the concept illustrated below. Obviously adopting the new design would instantly mean no Home Button and taking on Face ID, so Gurman listing each of those as separate things to expect on Tuesday is a waste of space.


2 new ipad design likely to surface Oct 30  2018 with no home button

  • "The screens will be less expensive LCD panels, rather than the OLED screens on the iPhone XS." On October 20th Patently Apple posted a trademark report for "Liquid Retina" and pointed out that Apple listed tablets as one device that could use Liquid Retina
  • "A USB-C connector for charging and syncing data, the first time Apple is bringing this charging standard to its iOS devices. This will leave the iPhone as Apple’s only major product to use the Lightning connector. It will also be the first time Apple has changed the charging port on iOS devices since 2012."
  • "Face ID will be used for unlocking the new iPad, and the Home button and fingerprint scanner will be removed. Unlike with iPhones, Face ID will work in both portrait and landscape orientations." Never heard that one
  • "Face ID will enable Animojis (and the personalized variety known as Memojis) on iPads for the first time."
  • "The iPad’s external look will be redesigned as well. It will include more squared-off sides like the iPhone 5, 5S, and SE from a few years ago."
  • "A faster processor that’s a variant of the A12 Bionic chip recently added to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR."
  • "A custom Apple graphics chip, the first time this would be included in an iPad."
  • "An updated Apple Pencil, succeeding the original version launched in 2015." Will the new pencil adopt Ultrasonic Transducers?


Ming-Chi Kuo


Ming-Chi Kuo's predictions were published on Tuesday whereas Bloomberg's Gurman predictions were published yesterday.


  • iPad Pro new design with Face ID edge-to-edge display with USB-C, improved displays [likely Liquid Retina as noted above] and new Apple Pencil.
  • A new iPad mini – but the timing is unknown. Not really a prediction for Oct. 30th.
  • New low-cost MacBook and general updates to MacBook, iMac and Mac mini.
  • Maybe new AirPower and AirPods update


On September 14 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Could Apple still be planning to Launch AirPower later this year?" Before jumping on the bandwagon that AirPower was dead for this year, I thought it only right to give Apple the benefit of the doubt that AirPower could still be introduced this year. Here's to hoping.


In the end, there's really very little new to our ears. Generally stating that Macs will be updated isn't much of a prediction. The fact that Apple may move to USB-C is only going to anger some fans who purchased accessories for lighting.  I got royally screwed one year when Apple made a switch of connectors and I'm sure we'll hear angry fans on that point.


The only real new things will be the new iPads without a Home Button, a new Apple Pencil and a first custom graphics chip for the iPad. Of course for Mac fans dying for an update, Apple might deliver a surprise.


On October 18 I had added that while it was great to see that Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud was coming to the iPad Pro in 2019 it would be great to see Apple lead by example and introducde Logic Pro X for the iPad Pro.


The new graphics chip Gurman mentioned will need a pro app to make it shine in 2018 and hopefully Apple's logic Pro X will be announced. Considering the event is at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, it's only logical that something from Apple will justify the chosen venue. On the flip side, with so many variations of Apple logo being associated with the event, perhaps a new Art / Drawing App could be the surprise of the event.


If you happen to think that something else will be on tap for Tuesday's event, send in your comment below.


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