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New 5G developments took the Spotlight this week including KT Corporation's Highly Advanced 5G Skyship

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As we get closer to 2019, reports on all-things 5G will be ramping up the excitement for this monumental leap in internet speeds and next generation services like Apple's TV subscription service that could stream content in 4K Ultra HD. This month Patently Apple covered the topic of 5G four times in general or about Samsung's push (01 and 02), and about a granted patent for Apple on Millimeter Wave antennas for future iPhones.


Two new reports of interest about 5G were published this week worth noting. The first was a Reuters report about President Trump signing an order to set U.S. spectrum strategy as 5G race looms.


The report noted that the "Wireless industry trade group CTIA praised the administration for 'recognizing the importance of establishing a national spectrum strategy. With the right approach based on licensed wireless spectrum, America’s wireless carriers will invest hundreds of billions of dollars and create millions of jobs.'


White House adviser Michael Kratsios told reporters on Thursday that 'We will prioritize efforts to accelerate the private sector’s development of 5G, so that the American people can reap the rewards of this incredible technology.'


2aaa CTIA

The CTIA has a number of interesting articles on 5G. One is titled "FCC Wireless Siting Reform is Key to U.S. Leadership."  Highlights from CTIA's Race to 5G Summit held in April 2018 are shown in the video below.



Verizon is now working with Samsung on a 5G roll out  in early 2019, so the wireless industry is moving full steam ahead. The U.S. government's move on Friday is to establish the needs of telecom and other industries and ensure that 5G spectrum could be quickly expanded to meet future needs.


In a second report, we surprisingly learned that India of all places will attempt to bring 5G networks via a proposed "Skyship Platform." This could be great news for Samsung if they could deliver 5G in India first. It would be a way to lock out their biggest competitors. Then again, it'll be up to the Indian government to ensure that such a service in India would have to opened to other smartphone vendors.


2 Skyship 5G Platform for India

Yesterday KT Corporation, formerly known as Korea Telecom, demonstrated an unmanned airship using 5G technology at the ongoing India Mobile Congress. The airship, dubbed Skyship, is equipped with 5G customer premises equipment made by Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics and an advanced high-resolution camera that can shoot 360-degree photos and videos.


The filmed videos were sent through KT’s 5G network in real-time to a large monitor at Samsung’s booth at the IMC 2018 in New Delhi.


Oh Seong-mok, president of the network business at KT stated that "The Skyship platform is KT’s distinct solution that integrates the company’s network infrastructure and ICT technology. KT plans to expand the application of Skyship to different areas."


If a single or group of wireless carriers steps forward with assistance from the government, India would be able to bring their nation on par with other tech savvy countries. The Skyship system could be expanded to many third world markets in the future.


The original concept was pioneered by Google's Project Loon. High speed internet via Project Loon is now available in Kenya. While it's 4G LTE today, upgrading to 5G could be a likely possibility.


KT Corporation's Skyship Platform appears to far more advanced and delivering 5G in stable and better controllable airships instead of balloons.


The Skyship Platform was originally envisioned to be a local emergency services platform as noted in the original promotions video to the government.



KT's vision is now on two distinct tracks. One track is designed to deliver emergency and rescue services assisting in earthquake zones or to save an injured hiker deep in the mountains. The second track is to use a simpler version to deliver 5G services where laying cable isn't viable.  


As we enter 2019, 5G developments, projects and rolllouts will be published on an ongoing basis with wireless carriers and smartphone vendors battling it out to deliver next generation products and services that could win them new customers. It could be a very disruptive year in techland indeed.


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