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1 X cover   iPhone being charged by Huawei mate 20 pro wireless reverse charging


For iPhone fans there is no other smartphone to consider and rightfully so, they're excellent premium smartphones overall. With that said, I usually watch video reviews of the top Android smartphones launching every year from Google, Samsung, Huawei and a few others. I'm always looking for unique features that Apple's competitors have that may or may not work their way into future iDevices. This week Marques Brownlee reviewed the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro as presented in the video below. Brownlee showed off two of the new features on Huawei's latest smartphone worth noting.  


Under Display Fingerprint Scanning


2 X cover under display fingerprint

The first Huawei Mate 20 Pro feature worth noting is its under display fingerprint reader. Apple didn't want to offer a choice of authentication options so Face ID is the only choice of biometrics on the entire iPhone X series of smartphones. If you don't buy into Face ID, you're forced to constantly punch in your security code several times a day which is a pain.


Huawei is the first major OEM, according to Brownlee, to introduce an under the display fingerprint reader and this is likely to be the rage with the majority of Android smartphones going forward. In fact a Samsung patent published on Thursday by the U.S. Patent Office shows Samsung's work on just this feature as noted in their patent figure 1 below.


1 Extra Samsung touch id under display


Marques Brownlee touches on this feature now on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro starting at the 2 minute mark of his review video below.  



Whether Apple will advance Touch ID to work with under display technology in the future for some devices or only push Face ID going forward is unknown at this time.


Apple does have two granted patents covering under display technology (01 & 02) and at least another three that are patent-pending (01,02 & 03).


Wireless Reverse Charging


3  x Reverse Wireless Charging

The best feature to land on the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro and one that Brownlee was excited about, even in his monotone form of excitement, was the new wireless reverse charging feature/option. Users can turn on that feature making their smartphone a mobile battery bank.


Our cover graphic shows the new Huawei phone wirelessly charging an iPhone XS Max. To review this feature in Brownlee's video, simply go to the 5 minute mark.


Once again Apple has patents on this same technology with Huawei beating them to market with it. This will be an appreciated feature in future iPhones, but for now Huawei gets marks for not hesitating to take advantage of speed to market.


Of course Huawei's new phone has a monster 4,200maAh battery, something that Apple appears hesitant to integrate.


Below are patent-pending figures taken from our March 2016 patent report regarding reverse wireless charging and there are many other examples in that report.


Below you can see an iPad wireless charging an iPhone and Apple Watch sitting on its face and/or back side.


4 X apple patent figures reverse wireless charging

Apple is also working on a future inductive charging iPhone cover that some may prefer.


Will wireless reverse charging be a future feature coming to iDevices and will under display fingerprint technology be utilized by Apple for Apple Watch, an entry level iPad or perhaps the Apple TV Remote? Only time will tell.


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