Samsung Launched new Low-Cost Laptops today while announcing work on Laptops with Foldable Displays and more
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Foldable Notebooks and new Mobile Device Form Factors are in the Works from Wintel and Partners

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Earlier this morning Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung Launched new Low-Cost Laptops today while announcing work on Laptops with Foldable Displays and more." What does that even mean to have a "foldable display" on a laptop? It sounds so futuristic and yet so insanely mixed up all at the same time. It could be something that no one has on their radar screen or it could be that Samsung is working with Intel's two projects known as "Tiger Rapids" and 'Copper Harbor," that are dual display mobile devices like the example presented in our cover graphic. 


Samsung did say earlier today that they "will continue developing innovative PCs with partners like Intel and Microsoft." So Intel's Copper Harbor, that could offer smaller and larger displays like a notebook could be one design that Samsung will pursue. Although Samsung was working on a laptop with one massive foldable display in 2015, Intel's project may be the trend that Samsung has been looking for.


Intel admits that they've been working with Lenovo on the dual display yoga notebooks. The image below shows the keyboard is really a second display.


2 Lenovo working with intel

Later this year Lenovo will release a more advanced version called the Yoga Book C930. A senior director at Intel in Santa Clara Murali Veeramoney said that they've been working with Lenovo very closely to get this new product to market.


3 new lenovo later this year

With Tiger Rapids, you have an LCD on one side and e-paper on the opposite side. The Copper Harbor prototypes offer dual displays.


4 XFINAL tiger rapid prototype

As you can see in the photo above, Intel is working on a wide range of prototypes. Come to think of it, it's exactly what Microsoft's head of Surface devices Panos Panay tried in vain to convey to a 'Wired' reporter back in July. It's part of the rumored "Andromeda Project." Microsoft has several patents on this next-gen device (01, 02 & 03) with one patent figure presented below and one prototype example further below. No, It's not a coincidence.

7 microsoft's tiger rapids like device

The Verge's Dieter Bohn spent some time with Murali Veeramoney at his prototype office last week in Santa Clara and in the video report you get to see the bigger picture of a new wave of devices that are in the works from Lenovo, Asus (Precog), Microsoft and likely Samsung that may or may not involve a phone component.  




In the end, whether it's a suit pocket-sized dual display device like the one above or a full dual display notebook like Lenovo's Yoga, I think Samsung may be talking about the same types of devices as being their "foldable notebook." 


Of course Samsung's long shot design could still be their single display concept published in their 2015 patent that is capable of folding like a notebook, but I think that Samsung would rather be a part of a bigger trend wherein they could shine rather than being a loner taking all the risks. 


Wintel is dying to create a new category of mobile device beyond smartphones. Wintel was locked out of the modern smartphone revolution brought on by Apple's iPhone back in 2007. They want to challenge both Apple and Qualcomm.


The thing is that this new mobile device category wouldn't surprise Apple in the least. Apple has been working on a similar line of concepts proven out by some of their patents (01, 02, 03 & 04). If these kinds of mobile devices from Wintel and partners turn out to be a viable trend, Apple is fully capable of meeting the challenge head on.


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