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Apple announced earlier today that it will hold a press event live on Oct. 30th at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York at 10 a.m. EDT. It's where the tech giant is expected to unveil its latest iPads and Macs. The event will take place two days before Apple holds it's financial Results for fiscal Q4 2018. The iPad without its dated Home Button may be able to stimulate a huge upgrade cycle with its sexy new look.


It's been speculated for months now that Apple would likely hold an event later in the year to launch a newly designed iPad that would take on the iPhone X form factor with it's top notch housing the TrueDepth Camera for Face ID. It's something that we wrote about last November.


2 iPad design shift

It's unknown if the new iPads will support OLED displays but might being that LG is now Apple's second tier OLED supplier. But if Apple is looking to keep costs low at present, the displays may remain LCD.


What else might we see at the event? Again going by rumors, the Mac mini Pro and a new lower cost MacBook could be launched.


Lastly, considering the location of the event, Apple may also be preparing one or more announcements related to music. Will Apple have a major new Apple Music announcement or will they announce Logic Pro X for iPad?


Coming off the heels of Adobe announcing Photoshop Creative Cloud coming to the iPad Pro, perhaps it's time for Apple to step it up a notch and support Logic Pro for iPad Pro.


A recent Statista report presented the chart below showing that Apple was still on top of a shrinking tablet market. We reported back in August that Apple was still king of tablets.


3 X chart tablet stats

Yet with a fresh new iPad design separating it from the original iPad of 2011 it could very well motivate iPad fans to upgrade in larger numbers than usual this year.


I think that a refreshed iPad will even make the iPad Pro look more like a notebook replacement for casual users. Apple may even update their Smart Keyboard accessory to boost its appeal. 


Lastly, the surprise that I'm hoping for at the event, in a one more thing moment, is Apple surprising their many critics and introducing AirPower. That would earn Apple a standing ovation, if only by me. That would be sweet. Will we be lucky enough to actually see that unfold? Only time will tell.  


If you think there's something else planned for the event, send in your comments below.


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