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17.3 Patent Infringemeent


Apple has been sued by Yanbin Yu and Zhongxuan Zhang for infringing their patent relating to digital cameras using multiple sensors with multiple lenses. The lawsuit claims that Apple's iPhone's 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max (collectively "Apple Accused Products") infringe on their IP.


The Plaintiff claims that Apple relied on their acquisition of Israel's PrimeSense to deliver their 3D imaging capabilities in dual cameras yet the Plaintiff's patent #6,611,289 was issued in 2003 predating PrimeSense becoming a business in 2005. They continued to state that the other technology Apple obtained from LinX is useless in this case against their patent. Apple's Bokeh and Portrait mode features are fruit from technology found in their '829 patent.


2 X apple sued for patent infringing this patent

Later in the complaint they note that Apple, "Having had its' 8,115,825 Patent initially rejected by the USPTO in light of the '289 Patent, and then having cited the '289 Patent in the continuation application that ultimately issued as the '250 Patent, Apple was both aware of the claims of the '289 Patent no later than June 21, 2011, was aware of the significance of the '289 Patent to products incorporating dual lens cameras and their uses, and was aware that the dual-lens technology it purchased at great expense from PrimeSense and LinX was based on the technology found in the '289 Patent. Despite this awareness, Apple made no attempt to contact Plaintiffs or obtain a license for the '289 technology up to and including the filing of this lawsuit.  


To understand the full patent infringement claims found in the Plaintiff's complaint, read the full Scribd document presented below courtesy of Patently Apple.  


 Yanbin Yu and Zhongxuan Zhang vs Apple by Jack Purcher on Scribd


The patent infringement case presented in today's report was filed yesterday in the California Northern District Court. At present no Judge has been assigned to this case.


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