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Patently Apple posted a report on Friday about Tim Cook visiting ByteDance, one of the hottest startups in China. AI technology is at the heart of ByteDance. AI is a key area of technology Apple is expanding into and today we're learning that Apple has acquired music analytics start-up Asaii.


The three principles of the company that are listed on this Asaii page have all updated their LinkedIn Profiles, as noted below, showing that they've been with Apple since the beginning of the month.


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Apple reportedly acquired Asaii in a bid to strengthen Apple Music's content recommendations to its music users.


Axios stated that "Asaii can help Apple compete with Spotify Technology SA's efforts to work directly with smaller artists, like a music label."


You could check out this Asaii webpage to see a list of the products that Apple may use in the future.


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Citing a source, Axios states that Apple's deal to buy Asaii was worth less than $100 million.


Musically named Asaii one of the top 20 music tech startups of 2018 in the category "Marketing & Data / Analytics.


Also check out Music Business Worldwide's report titled "What Apple's Acquisition of Asaii means for the Music  Business" that provides an overview of how Apple will use Asaii. The report also talks about a new move by Spotify and how both companies are trying to find ways to win over new artists before the big studios do in order to make more money.


Last month, Apple completed its acquisition of Shazam, a music discovery app.


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