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In July Patently Apple posted a report titled "Adobe confirms that Creatives will be able to run Photoshop on Apple's iPad Pro in the Not-Too-Distant Future." At the time Adobe's Belsky added that "Newer versions of the iPad Pro are now powerful enough to support Adobe's apps."


Today at Adobe MAX, their biggest event of the year, Adobe previewed Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) on iPad, Project Aero, a tool that enables creators to design AR experiences, and Project Gemini, a drawing app. Adobe also introduced Premiere Rush CC, the first all-in-one, easy-to-use video editing app for social media creators.


Below a video which is an overview of what's coming to the iPad next year from The Verge.



Adobe notes in their press release that Photoshop CC on iPad is Redesigned for a modern touch experience, Photoshop CC on iPad will deliver the power and precision of its desktop counterpart. Photoshop CC on iPad will let users open and edit native PSD files using Photoshop's industry-standard image-editing tools and will feature the familiar Photoshop layers panel. With Photoshop CC across devices, coming first to iPad in 2019, you will be able to start your work on an iPad and seamlessly roundtrip all of your edits with Photoshop CC on the desktop via Creative Cloud.


2 X - Adobe-Max iPad-Pro PS CC

Adobe previewed Project Aero, a new cross-device AR authoring tool that enables creators to design augmented reality experiences. Project Aero is the first AR app built for designers and artists and was first sneaked on-stage at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this year. Project Aero enables optimal delivery of AR experiences, empowering creatives to place digital content in the real world. At Adobe MAX, Adobe showcased an AR-powered retail store of the future, revealing the exciting possibilities of immersive design experiences.


A new app designed to accelerate drawing and painting workflows across devices, Project Gemini, coming first to iPad in 2019, combines raster, vector and new dynamic brushes into a single app experience built for drawing. Project Gemini enables artists to use and sync their favorite Photoshop brushes and works seamlessly with Photoshop CC.



Designed specifically for online video creators, Premiere Rush CC integrates capture, intuitive editing, simplified color, audio and motion graphics with seamless publishing to leading social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, all together in one easy-to-use solution. With Premiere Rush CC, content creators do not have to be video, color, or audio experts to publish professional-quality videos. Premiere Rush CC harnesses the power of Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, offers built-in access to professionally designed Motion Graphics templates in Adobe Stock to get started quickly, and features a Sensei-powered, one-click auto-duck feature to adjust music and normalize sound. It also allows access anywhere, enabling users to create compelling video projects — optimized for social distribution — on one device and publish from another with a consistent user experience across desktop and mobile.


For more information, read the full press release here.


Guest Visit by Apple's SVP Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller


Apple's SVP worldwide marketing Phil Schiller was on stage at the event today and stated that "Adobe has understood the potential of the iPad Pro," and that the companies' teams have been "working together on some really amazing technology."


1 extra Phil Schiller at ADOBE MAX Event oct 15  2018


Schiller added that "As I think back on it, I know Steve showed us all the idea that people with passion can change the world. And Those words mean a lot to us. And we think long and hard about what Apple's role should be in supporting Adobe and all of the users out there," Schiller said. "It is that old line that Steve said, that, 'We exist at the intersection of technology and liberal arts.' And that focus on creativity and the arts to unleash that passion, unleash that vision is just as important to us today as it was from the very, very beginning. None of that has changed. What has changed is the technology. When we talked about that, we never envisioned a world where we would be running Photoshop on an iPad Pro everywhere you are. I mean that's just mind-blowing what's going to be created from all these brilliant people with that."


Schiller talked about Apple's work on Augmented Reality and more. To hear Phil Schiller's Adobe Max message today, check out this video starting at around the 1:09:45 minute mark when Adobe is introducing Schiller.


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