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Earlier today Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Won 49 Patents Today Covering a Major one for a Folding iPhone," wherein it was noted that Samsung's mobile chief had told the press in August that they were close to launching the world's first dual display smartphone. Now we're learning that Samsung will unveil details of a foldable smartphone later this year, the CEO of its mobile division told CNBC. 


DJ Koh said that "it's time to deliver" on a foldable device after consumer surveys carried out by Samsung showed that there is a market for that kind of handset. 



After watching CNBC's technology correspondent talk about his chat with Samsung's mobile chief Koh above, I'm not sure whether Arjun Kharpal got the story right or if Koh just can't keep his story straight.


In the report that we linked to above, Koh very specifically talked about a dual display smartphone in the press scrum in New York after the Samsung Note 9 was unveiled – not a bendable display. He made that point very clear. Yet that contradicts the CNBC reporter's tale of Koh describing a single bendable display for a smartphone.


The NBC report further noted that Koh has hinted (not confirmed) that "more details of the device could be unveiled this year at the Samsung Developer Conference in November in San Francisco, but gave no indication of when a full launch would take place or when it might go on sale." How vague a statement can you get?


Why is Koh forecasting a foldable smartphone display when the company has just created a task force to examine mass production of such a phone? More importantly, why is a Samsung official contradicting Samsung's mobile chief on this front?


Further into the CNBC's written report, Samsung's mobile CEO reportedly admitted to NBC's Kharpal that while the development process is "complicated," the company has "nearly concluded" it.


Nearly concluded it? This has been an ongoing rumor since 2017 and yet Samsung is only at the phase of "nearly concluding" it?


The funny thing is that I would like to see a dual display infotainment smartphone come to market to shake things up. Yet until we hear more from Samsung's November 2018 developer conference, confusion still remains as to what Samsung may or may not do.


While NBC's latest video report is an excitable one with more guessing than facts, yesterday's NBC report by the same reporter titled "Samsung is packing more tech into its mid-priced smartphones to appeal to millennials," seems to represent a more realistic Samsung strategy.


While Samsung has clearly been under pressure by Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi and Huawei for most of 2018, they've gotten the message loud and clear. The mid-market is where millennials are living and Samsung is about fine turn their focus on this market with new mid-range smartphones with high-end features to that market back from the Chinese vendors.


CNBC's technology correspondent Arjun Kharpal noted that "Instead of introducing new technology into the flagship Galaxy S and Note series of devices, Koh said Samsung will look to bring in cutting-edge features to its cheaper models first. The first of these devices will come later this year.


In the end, new smartphones based on those parameters are more likely to become a reality later this year than a dual display model in the coming months ahead.


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