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1 X 5G smartphone buzz building


With new iPhones just around the corner, the buzz for smartphones with 5G modems is beginning to pick up dramatically. If the buzz translates to smartphone sales for 2019, then it's pretty clear that 2019 could be a record breaker.


A new report by PCMag notes that "The 5G era is almost upon us. In the next year, carriers will begin a years-long process of rolling out 5G networks across the country and around the world. Along with those next-gen networks will come a new generation of 5G-enabled smartphones.


Search-intelligence and ad-tech platform Captify analyzed searches from February to August of 2018 to identify which 5G smartphones saw the biggest uptick in search keyword volume.


Captify reported that from February to August, there was a significant increase in searches for 5G across major smartphone providers."


5G searches

With the search criteria of "5G + iPhone", Apple came in second and "showed the biggest search volume bump for 5G smartphones with a 1,819-percent increase from February to August.


Next was Huawei at 829 percent, followed by Samsung at 655 percent, LG at 543 percent, Google Pixel at 293 percent, and Motorola with a 186-percent search-volume increase."


The PCMag report concluded that "5G phones are generating plenty of search buzz. But when it comes to physical phones you can buy, Apple and Samsung devices are the still the smartphones to beat when it comes to US popularity.


For some very odd reason, HTC, a smartphone brand that is doing terrible in the market, came in first place as noted in the Captify chart above. That stat is certainly out of place and a head-scratcher.


In July, T3 posted a report titled the Top five 5G phones to expect in 2019, with the iPhone noted last on that list. More than likely Samsung's Galaxy S10 is going to be the first out of the gate with a 5G phone in late February, near the Mobile World Congress event which begins on February 25th. That will get the 5G buzz started and build from there all year round.


Today The Verge posted a report titled "5G is almost here — here's how everyone's getting ready." The report notes that "5G is coming, and it's going to have a massive impact on almost every facet of how we use technology, with faster speeds and lower latency theoretically opening up huge new frontiers in everything from smartphones to self-driving cars."


The report covers thoughts on 5G smartphones for Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG and Xiaomi. When it comes to Apple, The Verge notes:


"Notably missing in all of this is Apple. As one of the world's preeminent smartphone companies, whatever side of the 5G line Apple ends up on will almost certainly have massive ramifications for the rest of the industry.


But for now, the company has remained characteristically tight-lipped as to its 5G plans. But if past history is anything to go by, its likely the Cupertino company will sit the first rounds out, waiting for things like battery life and network support to improve before it enters the 5G fray, much like it did with the iPhone 5 and LTE support the last time around." Read the full story by The Verge here.


Perhaps I've got it wrong, but I think that Apple will deliver a 5G iPhone next year to support the likely launch of their Worldwide Video service. One of the first 5G services that consumers are likely to see is live Mobile TV anywhere, anytime at prices that will make this a game changing service. While Mobile TV is rolling out now, it's 5G that will deliver the quality and security consumers will want.


Last month CNBC had the CEO of Verizon on Squawk Box to talk about how 5G TV is going to change everything.



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